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It's Fil Technology
Unique Simplicity


Fil Technology is a creative digital company in the vastness of the Universe.
Mobile Development from ❤️ with 🧠, Augmented/Virtual/Mixed Reality, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, UI/UX this is what we are...


We Do.

Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality, IoT, Cloud Apps, iOS (Apps, Games, Stickers), Android (Instant Apps, Apps, Games, Widgets), Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Chatbots.


We starting with the design prototype of the product.
After this, we create and recreate an interface, again and again until it's perfect!


At this stage, we create the essence of the product.
His heart and soul


Feature Projects.

A couple of projects that we are proud of


Apartment searching & publishing as simple as ABC... Details


A simple but addictive game that’s completely free to play! Tap to simply rotate by path. Details


SQUAMP (Square Jump) is a very exciting and simple arcade game. Details

What Users Say About Our Inventions

  • No permissions, I love this app. Cause the Devs. Respect privacy!! It looks sleek and elligent. Doesn't need network access or my accounts or anything like that just to tell time. Hurray!!

  • FINALLY finished Addicting game that I played non stop for about 2 weeks and finally finished. Can't wait for new levels!

    Android User SQUAMP (Android)
  • Very easy, but I love it!

    Android User Rotath (Android)


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Do you have a great idea? Or you want to change the world? Maybe something else? Contact us, we'll figure it out.

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